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Please note: We have no control over if the dog conceives or how many pups each dog
  may have or what colors we may get . If the dog does not conceive or their are not enough pups for families on the waiting lists, the application will roll over to the next available litter that meets the families requirements. 

(Wait can be 1 to 6 months)

Planned Litters for 2018

 Applications being accepted 

We have bred Lola + Charlie's  for Mini/Med F1B Goldendoodles
CONFIRMED - she should deliver early March, which means pups would be ready  for new Home
DELIVERED 3-7-18  - Large Litter Accepting Applications - 2 females available

We have bred June + Ace  for Mini/Med Multigen Goldendoodles
CONFIRMED - she should deliver early April, which means pups would be ready for new Homes in early/mid June !
DELIVERED 4-15-18  -  Accepting Applications

We have bred Maddie + Meadow's   for Meduim F1B Goldendoodles
CONFIRMED - she should deliver early May, which means pups would be ready for new Homes in early July !
DELIVERED 5-5-18 -  Accepting applications Males Only

​We have bred Kia + Rusty for Mini F1B Goldendoodle
CONFIRMED - she should deliver mid May, which means pups would be ready for new homes Mid July !!
DELIVERED 5-15-18 - Accepting applications Females Only 

We have bred Zoe + Cooper for Mini/Med Multigen Goldendoodles 
CONFIRMED - She should deliver mid/end of May , which means pups would be ready for new homes Late July /early Aug time frame. 
DELIVERED 5-21-18 - Accepting applications Males Only 


Our Litters Book Up Pretty Quickly 


Please Note: We will no longer be producing Labradooodles !!
Our last few litters will be Double Doodles.
(Labradoodle bred to Goldendoodle)

Sometimes we have older dogs available!
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Please Note:  Accepting applications
 For 2018  Goldendoodle Litters