You will need these items for your new puppy !

1) A crate - we recommend a wire crate with a divider so that the crate can be enlarged as your puppy grows. Sizes depends on puppy 30x21x24 or 36x24x27.

2) A collar -  sizes varies depending on the brand of Collar. sizes 6-10,8-12,9-15
I do recommend a harness if you have small children  ​

3) A Leash - 4 foot or 6 foot   - I DO NOT recommend a retractable leash !!!                                                                                                                   

​4) Puppy Food - We recommend Verus Puppy food - This is an all natrial holistic food that your puppy has been eating!!  Even if you would like to change your puppy to another food you must get a bag of the Verus and gradually mix with new food!!

5) Puppy Treats - We recommend Pet Botanics Training Rewards. 

6) Toys - Hard rubber toys like (Kongs,nylabones), Balls - We highly recommend the Chuck it balls (the rubber ones). Usually we do not recommend soft stuffed toys at this age -as the puppies will be teething.    

7) Stain + Odor remover - to use to clean up any accidents that your puppy may have. Something like Nature's Miracle.

8) Shampoo - really any brand of puppy tearless shampoo. We like Bio-Grooms fluffy puppy brand or earthbath's Ultra mild puppy shampoo.  DO NOT USE HUMAN SHAMPOO !!

9) Grooming - get a metal comb and a slicker brush !! 

10) A Veterinarian - to give shots and medical attention. Shop around - not all vets are the same !!! Some vets will suggest stuff you don't really need !! Ask lots of questions !!

11) A dog trainer - someone that can answer any of your questions. Training is very important !! Puppies need to learn what is except able behavior and what is not . WE STRONGLY SUGGEST PUPPY CLASSES !!
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