Labradoodles are a hybrid of Labrador Retrievers and Poodles.  Labradoodles were originally bred when a need was seen for a dog to work with people with disabilities who also had allergies. Breeding the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle together resulted in a dog with a hypo-allergenic coat. This means little to no shedding. 
Goldendoodles are a hybrid of Golden Retrievers and Poodles. They share the same characteristics as the labradoodle and provide another option for people with allergies. Combining two unrelated breeds leads to a healthier offspring.  Doodles are loyal companions with a typical lifespan of 13-15 years. Doodles have become an increasingly popular family pet. Doodles are known for their gentle and loving temperament. They are great with children. They usually get along well with other dogs and animals. They are social, energetic, and playful 
Goldendoodle Breeder
by nature.  Doodles are often easy to train because they are highly intelligent and eager to please their owners.  Their trainability also makes them popular as therapy and service dogs.
Doodles coats may be wavy, straight, or curly. They can feel like hair, like wool, or like fleece.  F1 doodles have the most variety in appearance. F1 doodles are good for people with mild to moderate allergies. F1B doodles and multi-generational doodles are recommended for people with moderate to severe allergies because they have the highest rate of being non-shedding.  
F1 Labradoodles are what we call “wash n’ wear.” They do not usually require any special grooming and can be brushed as needed. The grooming of all other doodles (including golden doodles) is up to personal preference but most will need professional grooming.  We suggest what is called a “puppy cut.” 
If you like your doodle to have a long/full coat . You will need to brush often. We suggest every other day. If you do not groom regularly, matting may occur.
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